Audi Q7 - Two Door Wallpaper

Running a luxury car dealership comes with a number of problems, such as insuring those driving the cars. Car dealership insurance works differently than that for regularly drivers rather than a policy that may combine a couple of drivers under a single family policy, a motor trade policy allows a motor trader to drive any car he is required to drive for work. Such a policy is required as it makes the business possible in the first place without it there may be problems even moving vehicles on the lot. There are a number of limitations on such a policy, and it may be useful to look at those limitations.

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The Audi Q7 is a full-size luxury sports utility vehicle geared for comfort and safety. The engine is based on the Audi R10 race car, but with a greater displacement. The Q7 has earned a 4 out of 5 start safety rating by the Euro NCAP, pending an appeal based on a design flaw although it has a number of safety features such as Side Assist, allowing a driver to see into his blind spot and was the first Audi vehicle to offer it. Hybrid and diesel versions are available, as well a number of different modifications.

This is a car that is useful for our purposes. Although a safe car, it is also an expensive one it runs from 36,000 pounds to just over 61,000 pounds depending on options. A motor trade policy is based on the maximum coverage that the trader wishes to cover a policy that includes a Q7 will thus cost more than a policy that includes a number of less expensive cars. As an option the trader can choose a lower amount of insurance in order to save some money, but this means that he is also taking a risk if the car takes more damage than he has insured it for then he has to pay the difference.

The insurer may place additional restrictions on the motor trade policy. One that pops up all of the time is if younger drivers are being insured. In general most insurers will not insure someone under 25 without severe restrictions. For example, they may restrict the size and type of the engine of the vehicle he can drive it is not uncommon to see a young driver restricted to an engine of 2000 cc and no turbo engines regardless of size. The price of insurance will also be higher in order to compensate for that person's lack of experience.

Starting up a car dealership can be expensive, and not just due to the cost of the cars. A good motor trade policy can be part of that problem, especially for smaller businesses. If a dealer is going to have an Audi Q7 on the lot, then he needs to be prepared to pay the insurance for the car. The business owner needs to make decisions on how much coverage he wants, as well as who he wants to insure. These decisions can make or break a business, so all options must be considered. By doing so a business owner may actually be able to afford those luxury cars with fewer problems.